Just down the road in Pingelly you’ll find the UWA Future Farm which has cutting edge agricultural innovations in development, but at the Avondale Discovery Farm you can get a glimpse of the ingenuity of our farmers of the past.


Modern farmers might look advanced with their GSP guided cropping programs and use of drone technology for monitoring crops, but the pioneering farms were also highly innovative for their day.
At the Avondale Discovery Farm, visitors can see all kinds of machinery that was ground breaking for its time. From one of the earliest combine-harvesters, through to a robotic shearing machine, there are all kinds of mechanical marvels that revolutionised farming practices.
And it’s not just about machinery. Avondale is a working farm that uses sustainable agricultural practices.
A tree planning program is designed to achieve dual goals–reducing the ground water table and provide vegetation corridors for native fauna. Remnant vegetation is being retained to further support these objectives. The farm also plants crops (cereals and legume varieties) with high water use to assist with water table management as part of their crop rotationsystem.
Exploring the other parts of the farm are possible by car or on foot, with drive and walk trails winding through the farm and reserve with interpretive signage sharing information about the farm and the natural environment.

Where to find it

550 Waterhatch Road, Beverley

Access Information

Avondale Discovery Farm has variable opening times, we suggest you check their website for current details.

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