Ever wondered what 20 tonnes of lobster looks like? See the Western Rock Lobster industry up close on a self-guided tour of this lobster processing facility. See how this premium grade seafood is processed and prepared for sale and export.


Cervantes is at the centre of the Western Rock Lobster (Panulirus Cygnus) industry in the Wheatbelt. Over 50 years of science has contributed to ensuring a sustainable industry in Western Australia, the first in the world to be certified sustainable for the third time by the Marine Stewardship Council.

After their perilous journey to adulthood in the Indian Ocean, the lobsters must survive predators such as large fish and octopus. One defence mechanism against large fish is that they can regrow their limbs, hopefully leaving the rest of the lobster behind! Octopus are another predator and they can enter lobster pots and feed on the catch.

Western Rock Lobsters can live for 20 years and weigh up to 5kg, though they are not generally caught this large. At this facility, you can follow the sorting process to stand above live holding lanes that can hold 20 tonnes of lobster. A computerised system for the water constantly monitors the pH and dissolved oxygen (O2) levels. Follow this to the pack out room where lobsters are prepared for their journey to destinations all over the world.

Where to find it

11 Madrid St, Cervantes, WA 6511

Access Information

7 days a week from 11am to 3pm