Who made the Wheatbelt Science Trail possible?

The Wheatbelt Science Hub was funded to develop the Wheatbelt Science Trail through a Community Chest Grant provided by the Wheatbelt Development Commission, along with funding from the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia initiative.

But funding alone would never have made this project possible. We have been delighted by the incredible interest in this project and there are many people who’ve quietly helped us – whether by sharing or commenting on a social media post, through to contributing time, expertise and resources.

So, who to thank?

The Wheatbelt Science Hub committee

This group of volunteers has provided the foundation for the Wheatbelt Science Hub and is now proud to have guided Wheatbelt Science Trail from concept to reality. Our thanks to:

  • Cec McConnell – Chairperson
  • Velu Ramasamy
  • Natarsha Woods
  • Rebecca Heath
  • Emma Birch

Community Nominators

In January and February 2017 we invited community members to nominate sites they thought would be interesting places to consider including on the Wheatbelt Science Trail. Combined with a workshop with science organisations and local government representatives, we ended up with nominations for 173 sites. This far exceeded our expectations (and budget!) and we’ve presented our first iteration of the Science Trail but hope to continue to build on it and explore more of these sites.

Research and Information Development

In addition to the work undertaken by our project managers, Rhiannon Bristow-Stagg (from Lagom Agency) and Anna Dixon (from CreativeIQ), we’d like to acknowledge the work of Sophie Telfer, Erin Roberts and Luke Reilly in assisting with the creation of the site descriptions.

Information Review

We are keen for the Wheatbelt Science Trail to provide interesting and accurate information about each site. As such, we had the help of a team of reviewers to provide advice on our site descriptions where the site wasn’t ‘owned’ by a particular organisation.

In addition to the review work undertaken by the committee, we’d also like to thank: Carol Redford, Miela Kolomazik, Chris Stewart (Department Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions), Gary Mills (Department Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions), Annabelle Stewart, Paul Doughty (WA Museum), Geoscience Australia, Linda Vernon (Wheatbelt Way), Aliesha Lavers (Geoscience Australia), Clark Dan (Geoscience Australia) and Raymond McKnight (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) and Tracey Kreplins.

Geocache Trail

As part of the project, we also established a geotrail – a collection of geocaches that enhance the overall experience of the Wheatbelt Science Trail. The support of Western Australian geocachers was vital to making this aspect of the project possible, especially the help of Ian Bristow-Stagg. We also appreciate Colin Dixon for helping out our community geocaching workshop and the families that attended and built geocaches to be used on the trail.

App Development

The snazzy website and map app that you experience the Trail through was built by Kristy Morton from Kristy Morton Consulting, thank you for your techie-genius.

Graphic Design

We really love the promotional material for the Trail. The print materials that promote the Trail were produced by the very talented Jo Wilson from Jo Wilson Designs.

Image Library

As you may have noticed, there are some pretty amazing photographs of many of the sites. We did not have the budget to visit all sites to capture quality images and we have been overwhelmed with people responding to our request on social media for help with images. They have been provided for use on this community project only and should not be reproduced– please be respectful of people’s images. If you have an image for a site on the Trail (especially one that is missing any images) we would love it if you would share it with us.

Thank you to the following contributors for sharing your images:

  • David and Kristy Snelling
  • Karen Beardsmore
  • Vicky Lucas
  • Gerard Bendotti
  • Trevor Webb
  • Lynette Alcock
  • Tara Whitney
  • Ursina Gringer
  • Louisa Dyer
  • Linley Simpson
  • Vicki O’Neill
  • Rebecca Haynes
  • Todd Wilkinson
  • Kate Bishop
  • Margaret Butler
  • Stephen Humpleby
  • Melissa O’Garr
  • Christie Andrews
  • Russell Cumming
  • Nathan Rosair
  • Grant Scollay
  • Ry Beaver
  • Marianne Perrie
  • Perdaman Advanced Energy
  • Collgar Wind Farm
  • Ian Bristow-Stagg
  • Rhiannon Bristow-Stagg
  • Anna Dixon