Wheatbelt Science Trail FAQ


The Trail is awesome. How can I support you guys?

Thank you, it is awesome, isn’t it. While we received funding to establish the Trail, we need to pay to continue to host and maintain the Trail. And we’d love to add new sites to the Trail over time. If you’d like to sponsor the Trail to allow us to continue to maintain and grow this resource, you can make a contribution here.

If you’ve enjoyed the Trail experience, you can help build awareness about the Trail by telling your friends as well as sharing on social media. Feel free to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with using the hashtags #wheatbeltscience and #wheatbeltsciencetrail.

I have a photo of one of the locations that are missing images, can I help you?

Yes! We had a small budget to make this project happen and we did not have the funds to photograph all the sites. The images you see on this project have all been kindly provided by community members and site owners. If you have an image that you own the rights to and you are happy for us to use it, please get in contact with us at [email protected]

I think there is a site that should be on the Trail but it’s not featured. Who should I tell?

We agree – there are lots of interesting places we can add to the Trail. Based on our project budget, we’ve developed the Trail as much as we can but we still have a list of over 100 sites we’d love to include at a future point if we can attract some additional funding. If you have a site that you think we should include, feel free to flag it with us and email to [email protected] and if you’d like to see us have the funds to create more site listings, you can also sponsor the development of additional sites – you can read more here.

I think there is a mistake on one of your listings, what should I do?

In developing the Trail, we were very conscious that we wanted to present accurate, credible information and we worked hard to source sound information and to have it fact checked by specialists in each field. It is possible that there could be factual errors or missing information. If you are aware of something that could be improved, please advise us at [email protected]

What is the Wheatbelt Science Hub?

We’re a group of volunteers who are working to inspire the discovery and excitement of science in the Wheatbelt. We received some initial seed funding from Inspiring Australia and have also received several small grants for other science based projects that have allowed us to fund some positions to deliver these projects. We are a ‘virtual’ organisation (we don’t have a physical office) and we operate on a volunteer basis. We are available to run science focused programs across the Wheatbelt on a fee-for-service basis. You can read more about us on the rest of our website.

We love this concept! Can you help us set up a Trail in our region?

We can definitely help you. We can provide consultancy services to either advise you on our methodology or we can project manage the whole process for you. Contact us at [email protected] with your idea and we can provide you with a quote.